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Introduction to Central Support Center for Childcare

Major Projects

Projects of Supporting Daycare Centers

Supporting daycare centers and counselling childcare staff

  • Providing national childcare curriculum education
  • Providing security education and child abuse prevention education
  • Supporting childcare consulting of daycare centers
  • Publishing childcare information journals and operating childcare contents
  • Operating and managing the distance learning system and childcare curriculum homepage
  • Training 3 Year-old to 5 Year-old Nuri Curriculum by age type

Project of Supporting Home Childcare

Parent education & child rearing service

  • Customized parent education
  • Customized child-rearing service
  • Open parent participation

Project of Supporting the Operation of the Center

Support for the operation and administration ․ accounting of the Center

  • Providing education of strengthening staff competence
  • Supporting the operation of Support Center for Childcare
  • Supporting and managing substitute teachers
  • Evaluating Support Center for Childcare and consulting
  • Central․City․Do integrated homepage and records
  • Operation and Management of Central-City-Do integrated Homepage and Record Management System
  • Administration and accounting