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Fulfillment of happy childcare, rearing together and laughing together


Comprehensive childcare support organization which fulfills reliable daycare centers and happy homes for the future of young children

Goals for Development

Strategic Tasks

  • Healthy young children
  • Providing playthings and books suitable for the development of young children
  • Providing hands-onrooms for fun play and experience
  • Providing play programs for infants and toddlers
  • Reliable daycare centers
  • Enhancing professionality by providing consulting about the establishment and the general management of the daycare center
  • Strengthening professional competence by providing childcare staff education and childcare programs
  • Supporting the favorable management of daycare centers by minimizing the work gap of childcare teachers
  • Happy homes
  • Supporting childcare through parent education and professional counselling
  • Increasing mutual communication between parents by providing childcare sharing space, and by supporting temporary childcare
  • Providing contents for parents with young children
  • Cooperative communities
  • Supporting comprehensive professional childcare through the use of nationwide network with a whole nation and communities
  • Strengthening childcare support delivery system through the connection with central and local Support Centers for Childcare
  • Strengthening childcare support which reflects needs and distinct characteristics of local communities